Letting y’all sneak a peek from today’s shoot. 

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Some time during winter break. 

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Getting back into editing photos. 
Any suggestions? I realized I don’t really know what I’m doing LOL 

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Day 13/13

It only felt right to include this day, even though I left NorCal at 7 AM. 
I got picked up by Jonathong and we had lunch together, then I hung out with the girls to get some ice cream! 
I really enjoyed Carmela :) It melted too fast tho, but it was good!!

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Day 12/13

Pretty much my last day here. :( 
Pretty bumpy day but it be ending on a good note.
Here is my great host, Alvin! He’s great. 

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Day 11/13

The only picture I have.. LOL 
Stopped by In n Out and Krispy Kreme on our way back :3 
Took forever to get back u__u Didn’t get to go bowling or get boba, but got to chill with Alvin! And caught up with a few people. :) Was a nice night overall!

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Day 10/13

So much hiking was done.. BUT the views were incredibly pretty! Was a fun and great experience overall. :) & I realized that it was my first time camping since the fourth grade, so that was pretty cool! 
Very adventurous. ^__^

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Day 9/13

Should’ve taken more photos u__u
Got mediocre japanese food with Alvin for brunch. Then we got ready and set off for our camping trip!

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I never appreciated the reflection off a body of water until I went to Lassen Volcanic National Park. 

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Day 8/13

Alvin scared me the night before and I started crying due to fear. So he felt really bad and picked me this small bouquet of flowers before I woke up.
Interesting ensemble, I was quite impressed.
I didn’t want to throw them away so I ended up book pressing them.

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Day 7/13!

Made a trip to Santa Cruz today and explored the board walk and watched a magic show. That was pretty fun! I liked it a lot. Afterwards we had lunch and got some ice cream! Our lunch was pretty dang good and the ice cream was very interesting. Everything was made from scratch!!

And we ended on a chill note. ^__^

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Day 6/13!

Pretty chill day. I finished my online hw and Alvin and I just chilled. We went shopping today and were pretty productive! Then had dinner with Peter and John and got dessert. :) 

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Day 5/13!

Had a chill day today with Alvin because we were both very tired from our weekend. Started on Game of Thrones! So far it’s been pretty good and interesting. Then got dinner and dessert with Jpae! Jpae’s shirt looks so good on himmmm! I was very proud HAHA. Then we all watched some Game of Thrones! 
And we had a chill night. ^___^

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Day 4/13

Went to Monterey Bay! originally we thought about going to the aquarium but it was like $35 and we were not down. So we explored Cannery Row, then hiked/walked around … I don’t know what it’s called. LOL BUT it was really cool! I love tide pools!! It was a lot of fun with these guys. :) 
Then we went to Dennis the Menace park and it was reaaaally fun and these guys are so silly HAHA! 
Afterwards, went to a friend’s to have some hot pot. :)

Good day! 

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Day 3/13!

Spent the day in San Francisco! I was actually surprised because I didn’t expect my friends to stay in SF for the whole day but we did! :) 
We spent the first half of the day in the SF zoo, which was super fun! Perhaps the best time I’ve ever had at a zoo. :) Then we went to BB Tea Station, which was very nice and refreshing. Afterwards, got dropped off at Union Square to have a quick meal and did some quick shopping. Then finally went to Fisherman’s Wharf and tried their clam chowder! It was my first time eating an actual thing of clam chowder and actually liking it cuz I couldn’t really taste the clams. :)

It was a really good, fun-filled day. :) 

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